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* For best results, apply to painful areas once every hour. Continue each hour until pain has subsided.


I have had 16 surgeries since 2001 and did not want to continue with the opioids that created more problems, so I gathered together all the essential ingredients I could find and developed a salve and edibles that got me through the last 10 years. I gave these products to family and friends and they loved it. Please look for the testimonials that might be able help you decide if this is the best product for you. The first testimonial is from a chiropractor who uses it in his practice. Our product is safe to use and we stand by our resolve to be the best in a growing industry where many companies are producing what we know to be an inferior product. Thank you for visiting! Randy Hedrick Owner

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Our distillation process produces a FULL spectrum CBD product that provides benefits not found in other products (See Nitty Gritty) CBD salve offers many health benefits including relief from chronic pain and inflammation such as arthritis. People who suffer from inflammation in the knees, hips, joints, wrists, and hands are finding relief using our salve. It is shown to help in the prevention of skin irritations ranging from dry, itchy skin to cracked and inflamed skin. People have also found relief from migraine headaches by rubbing it on their temples

The Nitty Gritty

With terms like CBD full-spectrum oil, distillate, and isolate, navigating the ever-growing CBD market can easily become overwhelming. The links above are available to see the results at the lab and if you like, you can download a PDF of the lab results

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is one of the many derivatives of the hemp plant. It has become widely popular because of the benefits it offers without the psychoactive effects of THC, another popular cannabinoid predominantly found in marijuana. The supplement market is full of CBD products claiming to contain a specific level of CBD, full or broad-spectrum CBD and other cannabinoids, and less than 0.3% THC. CBD distillate that may also be referred to as a “Broad spectrum CBD oil or full spectrum CBD oil”. If you examine the lab report you will see that Rocky Mountain Milagro Salve is a "Full Spectrum CBD product. We stand by its healing properties.

Through distillation, components of the hemp oil can be separated from the raw CBD oil CBD or cannabidiol in its isolated, purest form is called CBD isolate. All other cannabinoids, terpenes and plant extracts from the hemp plant are filtered out to obtain pure CBD.

While CBD isolate may look like a more effective option due to its high purity, CBD distillate offers additional benefits of a whole range of other cannabinoids that work in conjunction with CBD. Some of the other cannabinoids, like CBN and CBG, that are removed from CBD isolate have shown anti-bacterial and pain-relieving properties as well.

Matthew B. Murphy, ... Joseph E. Deweese, in Advances in Molecular Toxicology, 2017 5.4 HU-331

Cannabidiol is a major component of cannabis that apparently lacks psychotropic effects. Derivatives of cannabidiol have been synthesized over the last 50 years for various purposes. More recently, cannabinoid quinone derivatives have been synthesized for analysis of medicinal properties [107]. Studies identified HU-331, an oxidation product of cannabidiol, as being active against cancer cells in culture [107].

Please click the link above or view the lab results in the picture below that shows that the THC content is well below .03%, which means it is nearly nonexistent and will not cause any psychotropic effects or high that is associated with CBD derivatives. This product will not produce a THC positive urine test if used as directed.


" I have tried several CBD products in the past few years. I came across Randy's product when a friend referred me. I use it on my neck and hip and it provides me some good relief...better than any others I have tried. And my best friend has had a neurological problem with both his feet and lower legs for years. Lots of pain and cramping almost every night for him. Since using Rocky Mountain Milagro he has been virtually pain free. Being the skeptic that he is he stopped using it for a few days and his condition came roaring back. Now he is a true believer.
And lastly, I mailed my daughter in Texas a container for her arthritic neck, and also for our 15 year old granddaughter's strained thigh muscle from sports. Both have reported very good relief.I have personally worked with Vince Menard for 7 years, though he has been a vendor with Skyline Propery Management for many years. Vince is responsible for all of my carpet cleaning and water extractions for my two properites. He has always maintained the utmost professionalism in demeanor and appearance. Vince always provides excellent service and no job is too big or too small. He is always prompt and flexible with his schedule. Vince is a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend him for any contract service or future employment."


Montrose, CO

"Absolutely love this salve!!! It has helped with my arthritis pain so much. My whole family uses it on their aches and pains. This stuff really works!!! "

Patty Baca

Albuquerque, NM

"The salve helped my leg after I broke it. It helped the muscles when they hit and the scars its helped them fade. It has helped the feel of my skin after the surgery."


"Several years ago, I broke my heel in an icy fall, and consequently, suffer crippling pain, especially when the weather changes. I was so fortunate to find Rocky Mountain Milagro CBD cream, as using it eased the pain and allows me to function normally throughout my day. So glad I found it! Shannon Mann"

Shannon Mann

"I have been using Randy’s salve for years and its by far the best on the market! I own a body shop and have done auto body and paint for over 30 years, my body is in constant pain and falling apart! I get instant relief from this cream! If you suffer from aches and pains, chronic pain or even temporary pain, you have to try this stuff! I love it and can’t do my daily job without it! Thank you Randy! "


"I've had chronic back pain since 2014. I cannot take pain pills, so in 2019 I got a jar of Rocky Mountain milagro CBD infused salve and it has been the one of the few things to help me with my pain. Definitely would recommend to others who have live with pain. Truly satisfied with this cream."

Ben T.

"I Use this product after reffing basketball and my feet are sore. Within minutes it starts soothing! Have a years supply don't dare run out!"

Jerry M.

"As a professional caregiver I noticed some of my patients had many similar products to deal with thier aches and pains. I suggested one of my clients try Randy's salve because I she had several partially used jars she was using/trying. She has had over 18 sugeries in the last decade. After just a few days, she claimed the Milagro salve is the only one that actually gave her relief and is now a regular customer. This stuff has passed my own placebo test over and over and I now recommend it to everyone I know."

Wayne Keenan

Montrose, CO

Live in moments that matter, with relief from pain.

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